Relaxing & Rejuvenating


The Many Benefits of Massage

Massage can reduce muscle tension; improve circulation and skin tone; reduce stress hormones; help you relax; and increase joint mobility and flexibility. Book yours today!

Signature Swedish Massage

Our Kalani’s Signature Swedish Massage is customized to fit your relaxation needs. This massage typically uses a combination of sequences that include circular motion, kneeding, friction, vibration, percussion, and finally passive and active movements (bending and stretching).
$150 (60 min) / $175 (90 min)

CBD Wellness Massage

We use CBD to quickly target the discomfort caused by muscle and joint soreness, inflammation, sprains, and strains. When applied to the area of pain, it gives hours of soothing and relaxing comfort. Range of motion is restored as pain decreases. Our CBD is THC-Free and non-psychoactive.
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min) / $35 (enhancement)

Deep Tissue Massage

Dive deep into relaxation as our professional massage therapists customize this massage to fit your needs. Deep Tissue Massage soothes sore, achy joints and muscles and helps support healthy circulation. This massage is great for all ages, especially those going through growing pains, starting a new workout regime, or if you just need some serious stress decompression.
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point therapy is a soft tissue technique that works to release painful, tension in muscles and fascia that you would usually experience as a knot in the muscle. These tender spots are often held with sustained pressure till they experience relief.
$160 (60 min) / $180 (90 min)

Sports Massage

Our signature Sports Massage is a blend of targeted stretching techniques and Deep Tissue manual therapy. The focus of this treatment is to increase pliability in order to prevent injury and relieve pain related to existing injuries. Treatment begins with an assessment of functional movement, transitions to active and passive stretching, and concludes with a 60 or 30 minute massage, with a focus on target areas of the body.
$160 (60 min) / $180 (90 min)

Aromatherapy Massage

Our professional massage therapists will use a combination of doTERRA‘s AromaTouch technique and energy work to help promote deep relaxation and balance.
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

Kalani Focused Massage

Have only 30 minutes, but in need of stress relief in your shoulders, neck, or back? Or maybe you’ve been on your feet all day and need a reboot? This FOCUSED massage is just for you. A quick way to relax, revive, renew, all customized to your needs.
$90 (30 min)

Prenatal Massage

Our professional massage therapists will help relieve some of the aches and discomfort of carrying your precious little one. After a consultation with your massage therapist, they will customize your treatment to help sooth your needs and promote relaxation and balance. The 90-minute treatment is a 60-minute massage PLUS scalp and warm foot treatment.
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Ball massage is a relaxing treatment to unwind your body and energize it fully. The massage uses a selection of therapeutic herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass – which are wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied into a ball.
$150 (60 min) / $175 (90 min)

Hot Stones Massage

A hot stone massage is used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. The stones are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. As the muscle start to relax your massage therapist will customize the massage to fit your needs.
$150 (60 min) / $175 (90 min)

If paying with a gift certificate, please call us to book.

CBD Specialty Massages

CBD Sweet & Spicy Massage

Cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla, combined with CBD, enhance circulation while completely releasing stress and tension. Let your mind move towards bliss as we end your session with our rose and chamomile, CBD facial massage, leaving you glowing and nourished from head to toe.
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

CBD Target Relief Massage

Induce deep relaxation and healing with our artisan-crafted, aromatic CBD massage. Infused with six pain relieving herbs, like arnica, ginger, and broad-spectrum organic hemp CBD. Our CBD massage is designed to relieve pain associated with arthritis, sprains, and strains.
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

CBD Fire & Ice Massage

Combine the profoundly healing benefits of CBD, the warming and cooling sensations of camphor and menthol, and the exotic aromas of ginger, vetiver, and rose for an unforgettable aromatherapy massage experience. Meltaway soreness and soothe arthritis with a penetrating hand and foot treatment before sliding into bliss with a rose and chamomile CBD massage. A beautiful journey awaits…
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

CBD Journey Massage

Unwind your mind and drift into a state of profound peace with this immersive CBD experience. Settle into the journey, beginning with Restore Turmeric CBD tincture under the tongue before receiving a full body, CBD massage, infused with arnica and ginger. Steamy, hot towels, cleanse your feet, while the penetrating menthol and eucalyptus CBD foot treatment soothes and hydrates. Fall into bliss with a chamomile and Rose CBD facial massage. Total euphoria awaits…
$160 (60 min) / $185 (90 min)

Massage Enhancements

Take your massage to the next level with these heavenly add-ons.


Essential oils are an amazing way to reduce stress, boost immunity, detoxify, achieve balance, and relax. Add doTERRA‘s high-quality-grade essential oils to any of Kalani‘s services. We also have Deep Blue that can be added to any massage. Just ask your massage therapist when starting your service.

CBD Hand
& Foot Treatment

Rejuvenate, tired, achy feet in a beautifully aromatic CBD infused warm towel cocoon. Our signature blend includes our CBD plus epsom salt soak. This treatment followed by a therapeutic hand and foot application of our CBD cream. These speciality blends Reduce inflammation and pain, nourish the skin, and get your feet ready for their next adventure! Beneficial for conditions, such as arthritis, sprains, strains, achy feet and hands, skin, irritation, and nerve inflammation.

Foot Scrub
& Massage

Choose from any of our FarmHouse Fresh specialty treatments. Each treatment begins with exfoliation followed by a soothing and hydrating application of serums and hydrating lotions. Our FarmHouse Fresh products are all natural. FarmHouse Fresh ingredients are all grown in the U.S.A.

Mango Bliss
Foot Scrub & Massage

Take a deep breath and escape to a tropical island with our California Mango hydrating hand and foot treatment. We begin this treatment with a gentle exfoliation followed by mango healing serum and hydrating healing lotion.

If paying with a gift certificate, please call us to book.

Massage Loyalty Program

Earn a complimentary AromaTouch Detox Treatment after 5 massage services.

If paying with a gift certificate, please call us to book.