Choose The Facial
That's Right For You

Our facials are specifically customized to your individual skin type. A facial involves cleaning, exfoliation, nourishing, and then hydrating your skin, promoting a clear, healthy, and youthful complexion.

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Kalani Signature Facial

We invite you to enjoy our Tu’el customized Signature Facial. This skin care treatment includes a 3-step deep pore cleanse, customized exfoliation mask, lip & eye treatment, extractions, aromatherapy lymphatic facial massage and nourishing mask. During this 60-minute service you will meet with our skin care professionals to address your skin care needs before your relaxation begins.  

Mini Facial

On the go and only have a moment to brighten up your facial needs? This 30-minute treatment includes your personal consultation with our skin care specialist, a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation and nourishing mask (excludes extractions).

Teen Facial

This facial treatment includes a consultation with our skin care professional, a customized skin care treatment, and a mini-lesson in an easy at-home skin care regime.

Back Facial

This 45-minute treatment includes a personal consultation with your skin care specialist followed by a customized skin care treatment. 


Our Signature HydraFacial treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. The treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy. This treatment can be preformed on all skin types.

Customize your facial with one our of Deluxe HydraFacial options and customized boosters.

Deluxe Age-Refinement

Addresses Anti-Aging concerns by using the DermaBuilder™ booster to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Deluxe Clarifying

Addresses specific skin concerns with a serum booster to help improve texture and calm inflammation. It also includes extended extractions.

Deluxe Radiance

Uses the Britenol® booster to minimize the appearance of dark spots. 

Deluxe Restorative

Improves the appearance of skin tone, texture, and elasticity while using CTGF™ booster. 


This treatment begins the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage followed by a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and then hydration of the skin while addressing your specific skin concern with a customized serum booster.


This treatment combines our Platinum HydraFacial treatment with our MicroCurrent lifting and firming treatment. 

Back Treatment

Only HydraFacial uses patented Vortex-Fusion® technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate. Uncover a new layer of skin with exfoliation and resurfacing. Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench the skin. Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize glow.

Lymphatic Full Body Treatment

HydraFacial Lymphatic Therapy Optimize skin health by encouraging detoxification through mechanical lymphatic therapy. Skin will feel healthy and radiant from the inside-out. This treatment includes face, arms, legs, back and abdomen. Customize this treatment available to fit your needs.

Neck & Chest Treatment

Here at Kalani, we like to think a face is from the heart up! Let us know if you would like to include your neck and chest with any of our HydraFacial customized treatments. The award-winning HydraFacial System merges invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to enhance skin health. Only HydraFacial uses patented Vortex-Fusion® technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate

Perk Eye & Lip Treatment

HydraFacial Perk Lip treatment is the perfect complement to all HydraFacial treatments; you can target the untapped eye and lip areas. This treatment includes gentle exfoliation and a 30-day take-home serum so you can extend your treatment results. 

Treatment Benefits:
• Loosen dirt, oil and dead skin cells
• Gently cleanse and hydrate the delicate eye and lip areas
• Deliver antioxidants and nutrients
• Lightly plump lips
• Brighten and refresh eyes

Perk Eye Treatment

A refreshing treatment that leaves the delicate eye area toned, firmed, and hydrated. 

Treatment Benefits:
• Loosen dirt, oil and dead skin cells
• Gently cleanse and hydrate the delicate eye area
• Deliver antioxidants and nutrients
• Brighten and refresh eyes

Add-on or enjoy on its own. 

Perk Lip Treatment

Target the untapped lip area with gentle exfoliation and a 30-day take-home serum so you can extend your treatment results. 

Treatment Benefits:
• Loosen dirt, oil and dead skin cells
• Gently cleanse and hydrate the delicate lip area
• Deliver antioxidants and nutrients
• Lightly plump lips

Add-on or enjoy on its own. 

If paying with a gift certificate, please call us to book.


Are you looking to tighten, brighten, turn back the clock,
and get rid of those fine lines?
Highlight your natural youthful glow during these relaxing treatments.

Anti-Aging Facial

Our “Rescue Me” Anti-Aging skin care treatment is added to our Signature Facial to address these needs.

Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

The professionals at Kalani will refine and nourish your eyes as you enjoy this customized eye treatment. Say BYE BYE to tired eyes and bring on your GLAMOUR EYES! This treatment includes a personalized skin care consultation. Our Anti-Aging Eye Treatment may be added on to any of our customized facials at an additional charge.
$55 / $15 (add-on)

If paying with a gift certificate, please call us to book.

More Specialty facials

L.E.D. Light Therapy Facial

L.E.D. Light Therapy stimulates your skin for a youthful appearance. Your skin professional will perform exfoliation therapies, such as: microdermabrasion, cosmetic acid peels, oxygen infusion, etc. before the L.E.D. Light Therapy procedure. Your skin therapy will be individualized depending on your skin type, condition, and color. L.E.D. Light Therapy may also be used as a stand alone procedure. Your skin professional may cleanse and tone your skin before the L.E.D. Light Therapy procedure. discovered from their studies and testing that L.E.D. Light promotes healing and encourages cellular growth.
$135 / $55 (add-on)

Microcurrent Face Lift

Let’s get rid of those fine lines and lift the signs of aging. During this customized treatment our skin care experts will do a thorough skin care analysis to customize your skin care treatment and address those area that need a little extra TLC. We use a non-surgical, low frequency micro current to lift, tighten, and address the signs of aging. 
$175 / $40 (Lip & Brow add-on)
$85 (Full Face add-on)
$950 (Series of 8 treatments)

Hydrating Layered Peel

Using manual and chemical exfoliation techniques helps skin keep its youthful glow. This treatment includes manual microderm and a layered application of enzymes, and chemical exfoliations. We recommend no direct prolonged sun exposure for at least three weeks after this treatment.

Hydrating Mini Peel

Boost up any of our signature facials by adding a mini peel to your facial treatments. After our skin care professionals conduct a thorough skin analysis they will customize your exfoliation booster to give your skin healthy glow.
$85 / $55 (add-on)

Rosacea Facial Treatment

The skin care professionals at Kalani can help treat and calm those rosy cheeks. This skin care treatment can be done as a series or as a one-time treatment depending on your skin care needs.

Prenatal Facial

This is an advanced facial designed to focus on concerns and changes that occur during pregnancy. Our Skin Care Professionals will customize treatment to target any concerns.

Décolleté Mask

Our skin care professionals believe that the face starts at the heart. Lessen the signs of aging and sun damage with this hydrating and toning treatment that starts from the heart and extends up the neck. Say goodbye to sun damage and hello to a brighter and healthier looking you.

Ultra-Sonic Extraction

Take the “ouch” out of removing the unwanted oil and dirt, your pores with this non-invasive technique using ultra-sonic waves. Add this to any of our signature facials.
$10 (add-on)

Pre/Post Surgical
Facial Treatment

Get your skin in optimal conditions before and after facial surgical procedures. We suggest booking your complimentary consultation – at least 3 weeks prior to your procedure. Make sure to discuss your treatment with your doctor.

Belly Bump
Prenatal & Postnatal Facial

This customized pre- and postnatal treatment focuses on the tummy area to help soften the belly, heal, help prevent stretch marks and relax the mom-to-be (or new mom). The prenatal treatment also soothes the baby. While the final mask is setting on mom’s tummy, our skin care professionals takes the relaxation to the next level with a hydrating eye mask and scalp massage.

Facials Loyalty Program

Earn a complimentary Anti-Aging Eye Treatment after 5 facials.

If paying with a gift certificate, please call us to book.