Spring Into a New You with Exfoliation

Seasonal skin conditions really are something that happens to all of us, no matter our age. Winter, for example, is a classic time of year where we see a lot of dry damaged skin, even with clients that do not normally have dry skin.

Shedding that dry winter skin is a fine balance we at Kalani Day Spa take very seriously. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. It’s also a key component to healthy skin. Not enough exfoliation can cause a dull sheen and excess build of skin can cause other secondary skin conditions such as break outs, dermatitis and product build up on the skin’s surface. Too much exfoliation can cause both short-term (redness and acne breakouts) and long-term damage and a broken PH of your natural skin’s balance. Having a balanced exfoliating regime for teen to mature skin and from head to toe is ideal.

This regime will:
  • Prevent the signs of aging
  • Help serums infuse into the skin
  • Make your skin smooth with a healthy shine
  • Feel great!
Too much exfoliation will:
  • Break the PH of your skin, which can cause long-term and even permanent damage
  • Cause over-production of oil and more breakouts
  • Result in redness and irritation
  • Burn a little
  • Feel too tight

While exfoliating is the right thing to do, especially this time of year, too much exfoliation can have the exact opposite effect of your intentions. Instead of helping to prevent the signs of aging, it can cause premature of aging and fine lines. Instead of making your skin less dry, it can make your skin drier.

Gentle Exfoliation is Best

Using a polish, not a scrub, is ideal. For those that prefer a chemical approach, like glycolic acid, use it sparingly and only one to two times a week. And, importantly, be aware of the percentage of active ingredients in the product you’re using. We understand the urge to buy products on-line or in department stores to save money. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing. Just be an informed buyer, especially when buying products manufactured overseas where they’re often unregulated and can have either too little or too much of the active ingredient you’re looking for. No matter what influenced you to buy a certain product (“smells great”, “I’ve used it forever”, “it was endorsed by a celebrity I respect”), take a little quiz to evaluate its effectiveness:
  • Are you actually benefitting from the product?
  • Is it achieving all of my skin care goals?
  • Have you noticed an unwanted change in your skin?
    • Is it producing more oil than desired?
    • Is it irritated?
    • Is it drier than before?

Book a Consultation

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, book a consultation and bring your product(s) in. We’ll look at the product ingredients with you and help you understand whether it is helping you achieve your ultimate skin care goals.

Let’s keep your skin healthy and balanced all year round! We offer skin care treatments to maintain balanced skin, as well as advanced skin care treatments for all skin types and ages.

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