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It's Time to Spring Into Action

Condition and renew your skin for that “Wow, I look good!” moment.
We can customize any of our Tuel® Skincare kits to fit your needs. We suggest starting off with one of these:

Your Skin's BFF's

Power Scrub
Essential Booster
Combining these = Ooo La La for all skin types. These three products are your go to for healthy and hydrated skin. 
First, you’ll shed dead skin then give it a big drink of water and all the vitamins it needs.
Buy all three and receive a free eye treatment for home.

Complete Body Glow

Shape Shifter
Green Clean w/ Glove
Triple Splash
Botanical Blast
Your skin knows the difference and we know skin. Hey body, say hello to your new skincare routine. With all that attention you’re giving your face, your body is probably a little jealous. Don’t neglect what’s below the neck, and leverage the power of botanicals with Tuel’s unique body care system. This three-step body care routine (and a little something special for those problem areas) will make sure you’ve got healthy skin that glows from head to toe.

Eye Stand Corrected

Fresh Eyes
Eye Revive
Eye Corrector
Need to de-puff? We got you. A little lift? Done. This is Kalani’s formula for simple pain-free Botox. Treat the delicate skin around your eyes with the care and high-grade ingredients they deserve. You can also target fine lines and wrinkles.

Private Parties & Events

Customize and book your private party or event here at Kalani.
We offer a wide range of services that you can chose from to meet your individual needs.
Corporate retreats, birthdays, special events, girls' night out, and more!
Contact us to book a private event!