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FarmHouse Fresh
Winter Specials

Choose from any of our
FarmHouse Fresh Goods “Spa In Place” Kits.
Since you can’t come to us we will bring the spa experience to you.

Kalani Winter Special - Bee Pampered

Bee Pampered

BEST ENJOYED: As a heavenly break from the buzzing world outside

THE MOOD: I am Queen – hear me snore

EXPERIENCE: Sweet whipped honey salt scrub warms and softens skin before a glaze of hot honey serum nourishes your famished feet and toes. Right as you feel like it can’t get any better massage in the honey-chai steeped coconut milk lotion leaving your toes feeling nourished. Your hands, feet, and toes will bee so happy. Ooh la luxury!

Kalani Winter Special - Brandy Punch

Brandy Punch

BEST ENJOYED: Under an umbrella in Hawaii

THE MOOD: Aloha!

EXPERIENCE: A tingly, citrusy soak puts you in the mood to groove, or maybe even hula, as it moisturizes and calms tired legs and feet. A mouthwatering Brandy Pear Sea Salt Polish then scrubs away dead skin, leaving you feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. We protect and savor the smoothness with a honey and papaya hydration wrap. The tropical sun sets on this decadent delight with a Hello Yellow Beach Body Milk Lotion massage!

Kalani Winter Special - Sweet Retreat

Sweet Retreat Soak

BEST ENJOYED: Reflecting on the simple pleasures in life

THE MOOD: Warm, cozy and ready to melt

EXPERIENCE: Begin with a soothing, warm whole milk soak. Next comes a slow exfoliation using a sugared maple scrub that smells so delicious you’ll be taking deep breaths just to savor the sensory bliss. Finished with a light, moisturizing Body Milk massage. A nostalgically sweet treat, no calories added!

Kalani Winter Special - Black Forest Choclate-Bourbon Escape

Black Forest Escape

BEST ENJOYED: Give in to the temptation!

THE MOOD: Deep, dark relaxation

EXPERIENCE: This dreamy trip to the dark side begins with a thick butter brulee whole milk soak. Next, you’ll be painted in a warm dark chocolate mask that’s loaded with nourishing vitamins and CoQ10 – a powerful antioxidant. Next, feet and legs are smoothed with a rich gingersnap-pecan brown sugar scrub infused with Kentucky whiskey. A final, Whoopie! Cream whipped Shea butter massage and you’ll come out of this black forest with a new leash on the day!

Kalani Winter Special - Honey-Butterscotch Rum & Relax

Honey-Butterscotch Rum & Relax

BEST ENJOYED: Layers upon layers of warm coziness

THE MOOD: Wonder. Full.

EXPERIENCE: A warm, butter brûlée whole milk soak brings softness to skin. Next, you’re exfoliated and massaged in premium aged butterscotch rum, brown sugar and rice bran oil – an exfoliating treat that brings a glisten to skin. Warm honey glaze, rich with live papaya and pineapple fruit cells, aloe and Vitamin E, painted over legs and feet to nourish skin. Last, dollops of natural Ginger Sorbet Body Milk bring a light massage finish to this intoxicating 4-layer delight.

Private Parties & Events

Customize and book your private party or event here at Kalani. We offer a wide range of services that you can chose from to meet your individual needs.
Corporate retreats, birthdays, special events, girls' night out, and more!
Contact us to book a private event!

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Kalani Signature

45-minute AromaTouch Therapy
60-minute Signature Facial

Kalani Top to Toe

Mini Facial
30-minute Focused Massage
Foot & Hand Mud Treatment

Kalani & Unwind

60-minute Signature Massage w/Aromatherapy
60-minute Signature Facial

Perfect Pregnancy Package

Mini Facial
Belly Bump Facial (Pre/Post Natal Care)
60-minute Prenatal Massage

Kalani Birthday Package

60-minute Signature Massage w/Aromatherapy
60-minute Signature  Facial
Foot & Hand Mud Treatment
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
This package is valid for the month of your birthday.

Kalani Bridal Package

Foot & Hand Mud Treatment
45-minute AromaTouch Therapy
90-minute Oxygen-infused Signature Facial
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
Makeup Application
Exclusive Bridal Spa Party
$195 per person

"Yesterday I had Kalani's Platinum Facial. WOW, a day later, WOW. I've had lots of facials and tend to be rather hard to impress but this Facial blew me away. I literally look 5 years younger with fine lines NOTICEABLY gone and my skin smooth and plumper. Platinum Facial - do it. You'll be amazed."
– Christine C.