Why We Love FarmHouse Fresh

I INSTANTLY knew I liked FarmHouse Fresh products when I was introduced to them in the summer of 2017 at a skincare tradeshow that I was attending. At first, I noticed the cute bags everyone was walking around with. They had adorable faces of farm animals and beautiful pictures of fresh fruit like big juicy strawberries and sunflowers. Finally, after hours of walking around this incredibly large show floor, I came across this booth that was at least ten people deep, and, of course, I had to go see what was going on. As I got closer, I started to smell the most amazing scents, like, something cozy fresh out of the oven, then something sweet like summer had arrived. As I made my way to the front of the booth, the packaging alone had me sold, as if the smells hadn’t already.

But with all things skincare, and from a marketing background I get a little skeptical about shiny things that may look and smell amazing, I must ask myself…do they do anything for my skin? And guess what? THEY DO!

FarmHouse Fresh delivered benefits for healthy skin.

As I was learning more and more from the very kind FarmHouse Fresh representative, I was sold. I think the very first product that had me was the Honey Heel Glaze. The warm scent of cinnamon with an undertone of coziness had me at first sniff. When I put a little on my hands, I was impressed with how NOT sticky it was, and into the basket of goods it went. Next, came Whoopie everything, especially their body wash and candles. The slight sweetness made me almost giddy with happiness–like a childhood memory, I couldn’t quite put my finger on but didn’t want to let go of. So, full disclosure, I pretty much fell in love with all the products. As soon as I got back to the spa, calling FHF was the first thing I did; I was so excited!!

Next came the hard part, which products do I bring into the spa? Which treatments? Seriously, the struggle was real. I decided to have some of my girlfriends come over and get their opinions. I brought out all the testers and products I had returned with from the show. THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE!  They, too, loved everything. I’m telling you they are all wonderful, and different, and target all ages and genders.

Great products and great community support

We titled this blog, “Why We Love FarmHouse Fresh” because, aside from loving their products, I love the foundation on which they formed their business model. Community, family, amazing skincare products made right off the farm, staying aligned with supporting our U.S. farmers and then keeping their goods produced here in the USA. They also have a love for animals and have this great program that gives back to our four-legged friends. A portion of the proceeds they get from select products are given back to their local animal rescue facilities. This spring I’m going to pay it forward the same way! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my fur babies and what better way to kick off spring than to give back, not only to our community but to our animal community as well. With any purchase of our FHF products, we’re going to give a portion of those proceeds back, for animal beds to our local animal shelters. Giving back is one of the many things I enjoy doing. Especially if it comes with wet kisses from a puppy or a hug snuggle from a kitty, getting ready to be adopted into their new fur-ever family.

If you haven’t experienced one of our FarmHouse Fresh treatments, I truly invite you to do so! We can customize your experience to fit your relaxation needs and have you purring all the way home.

Want to know why I love FHF? Check out this link and learn more about their goods straight off the farm.

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