Nightmare Before Lashes

Marilyn Monroe was on to something when she said. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” However, I think today’s tag line should be. “Lashes are truly a girl’s best friend!” Am I right? Not convinced? Hear me out…

There is a lash look for everyone!

There’s the full va-va volume lash, the classic looking lash, a natural lash, the lash lift and tint, or even the volume mascara look. I think we can all agree that without our lashes the scene is not quite set.

My Aunt Betty used to say, ”Kim, don’t let people see how tired you really are, even when you are on your last ounce of energy.” This saying really resonated with me and some days it seemed impossible to live up to. Impossible until I started getting LASH EXTENSIONS!!! It was seriously a game changer and I have never gone back. I said bye-bye to the days that I would be up well before my daughter so I could shower, do my hair, put on my make-up, my corporate suit, make breakfast for the both of us, wake her up, and rush her to school. After drop off on the way to work would come the stress hot flashes and by the time I got to the office my mascara was running down my face and by the end of the day I had raccoon eyes. UGH!! My first experience with lashes was an interesting one indeed. I was out enjoying a girl’s day with a friend and after some discussion we decided to throw caution to the wind and do something crazy. So…we got lash extensions. I was a little nervous at first but the end result was I had lashes that actually stayed on and I felt more awake!

Before I became a Lash Artist I spent a year getting my lashes done by different people to experience the different techniques, as well as, the different types of lashes and glue. I finally found the perfect types of lashes that I fell in love with and decided to get my Lash Artist Certification. What I love most about being a Lash Artist is how excited my clients feel after they get their lashes done and how there are so many different types of LOOKS that people can achieve with lash extensions; anything from Va-Va-Volume to subtle and anything in between.

10 Reasons Why

So here are MY 10 Reasons Why you should get your lashes done for the holidays (be it a lash lift and tint or a full set of lash extensions):

  1. They are great for all ages.
  2. Look youthful and more awake…no matter how tired you may feel.
  3. Say bye-bye to those pesky heavy lids…have your eyes look and feel more open.
  4. Be ready for any occasion at a moment’s notice.
  5. No need to fuss with mascara or sticky faux lash glue.
  6. Statement lashes can minimize makeup use…saving time in your makeup routine.
  7. Leave a long-lasting impression…they will llast longer than falsies.
  8. Tailor made to suit your face and eye shape…achieve any look you like.
  9. Increase your WOW factor…even if your natural lashes are tiny, you can have them look amazing.
  10. Achieve longer, thicker lashes that look and feel like your own.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about lash extensions and lift and tints, visit our Lashes & Brows page. Book a lash consultation with one of our lash artists and let’s customize your lash look!

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